[Postfix RPMs] postfix-20020115snapshot-1 released

Simon J Mudd sjmudd at pobox.com
Thu Jan 17 20:11:31 CET 2002

This is hard work, with so many changes, and making sure everything works 

This message is to announce availabliltiy of the latest experimental or
snapshot version of Postfix in RPM package format.

NOTE: This is close to being Wietse's next official version of Postfix.
      Treat these RPMs with a little more care than normal.

      I've had to make several changes to this package in line with the
      changes he has included with this version so please let me know of
      any problems you experience.  I hope not to have done anything
      really silly.

      Should it be necessary to downgrade back to a Version pre-20020106
      you will need to modify permissions and ownerships in
      /var/spool/postfix and settings in /etc/postfix/master.cf.

Changes since previous versions:

- more install changes.  Hopefully things should have settled down now.

Relevent URLs and build information:
Built under: RedHat 7.2-1
Original Source Directory & file(s):
Postfix Source and binary packages:
or via anonymous ftp at ftp://ftp.ea4els.ampr.org/

Web Interface to CVS Repository of packaging files:

As usual please report any problems to me.


Simon J Mudd
Simon J Mudd,   Tel: +34-91-408 4878,  Mobile: +34-605-085 219
Madrid, Spain.  email: sjmudd at pobox.com,  Postfix RPM Packager

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