[Postfix-rpm-announce] postfix-2.2.10-4 RPMs available

Simon J Mudd sjmudd at pobox.com
Tue Jun 20 18:20:07 CEST 2006

I'm pleased to announce my latest Postfix 2.2 RPMs are now available for:
- RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, 3
- Fedora Core 5, 4
- Red Hat Linux 9, 8, 7.3.

The Source RPM should also build on other RHEL clones.
When building from the source package several different options can also be

Changes since previous version

- update optional SPF patch
- update optional VDA patch

Both these changes are only of interest if you build custom binary rpms from
my src rpms.

Thanks to Eric Hoeve for making me aware of these updates.

Relevent URLs and build information


Original Source Directory & file(s):

Postfix Source and binary packages:


Mirror of Web Site:
     http://postfix-mudd.nobandwidth.net		USA, Milford, New Hampshire
     http://postfix-mudd.download.nextag.com		USA, Santa Clara, California
     http://wl0.cs.uu.nl				Netherlands, Utrecht
     http://ftp.uma.es/Linux/postfix-rpms/www		Spain, Malaga

Mirror of FTP Site:
     http://postfix.etes.de/ftp.wl0.org			Germany, Stuttgart
     ftp://ftp.cs.uu.nl/mirror/ftp.wl0.org		Netherlands, Utrecht
     http://ftp.iestradas.pt/postfix/ftp.wl0.org	Portugal
     ftp://ftp.sanguine.net/pub/postfix/		Japan, Tokyo
     http://ftp.uma.es/Linux/postfix-rpms/ftp		Spain, Malaga
     ftp://ftp.crpts.com/mirrors/postfix/		USA, Houston, TX
     ftp://ftp.nobandwidth.net/pub/postfix-mudd/	USA, Milford, New Hampshire

Web Interface to CVS Repository of packaging files:

Full list of latest binary packages (for Postfix 2.2):

Distribution	Architecture	Latest Version
------------	------------	--------------
Source rpm	n/a		postfix-2.2.10-4
Red Hat EL 4	i386		postfix-2.2.10-4
Red Hat EL 3	i386		postfix-2.2.10-4
Red Hat EL 2.1	i386		postfix-2.2.3-2
Fedora Core 5	i386		postfix-2.2.10-4
Fedora Core 4	i386		postfix-2.2.10-4
Fedora Core 3	i386		postfix-2.2.10-1
Fedora Core 2	i386		postfix-2.2.3-2
Fedora Core 1	i386		postfix-2.2.3-2
Red Hat 9       i386		postfix-2.2.10-4
Red Hat 8	i386		postfix-2.2.10-4
Red Hat 7.3	i386		postfix-2.2.10-4
Red Hat 7.2	i386		postfix-2.2.5-3

These rpms are also available for download from my yum repository.

As usual please report any problems.


Simon J Mudd

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