[postfix-users] Transport Map

Ionkin Michael Ionkin.Michael at gmx.de
Mo Aug 25 12:06:29 CEST 2008

Well i've got the following question:

On machine 1 should  run postfix. machine 2 and 3  are the next hops, but they should receive mails for different domains. 

following entries are mentioned in the transport-file:

example1.com smtp:[ip of machine2]
example2.com smtp:[ip of machine3]
example3.com smtp:[ip of machine2]
example4.com smtp:[ip of machine2]

At the moment the complete mails are going to machine 2, because of the entry relyhost=[ip of machine2] in main.cf and there is no pointer to the transportfile in the main.cf.

By setting the pointer "transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport" should i comment the relyhost parameter? (#relyhost...) 
Or reads postfix automatically the transport file when the path to it is mentiond, whether relyhost is commented or not?
What should i edit to the master.cf?

thx a lot

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