[postfix-users] Inkonsistenz?

Jan P. Kessler postfix at jpkessler.info
Do Okt 23 17:50:53 CEST 2008

Jan P. Kessler schrieb:
> Servus zusammen,
> warum muss es in den sender_dependent_relayhost_maps
>     @domain   <nexthop>
> lauten und nicht wie in der transport_table
>     domain   <nexthop>
> Hat da jemand 'ne Erklärung?

Die passende Antwort von Victor Duchovni auf der englischen ML:

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 05:37:56PM +0200, Jan P. Kessler wrote:

> Is there any reason why the transport_table wants
>     domain   <nexthop>

Actully, it wants:

	domain	transport[:nexthop]

> while sender_dependent_relayhost_maps wants
>     @domain   <nexthop>

Yes, the lookup key in transport was historically domain only, and also
supports parent-domain lookups via .parent, while the address mapping
tables just support user at domain, @domain. So as not to confuse bare
users (for domains in $mydestination) with bare domains.

The transport never user bare user names.


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