[Postfix RPMs] Warning: postfix-20011127snapshot-2.rh70.1.i386.rpm giving Spanish messages

Simon J Mudd sjmudd at pobox.com
Tue Jan 15 09:40:05 CET 2002

                           --- NOTE ---
This message only affects you if you have downloaded and installed the
binary package shown above from my ftp/website.

If you have built this yourself from the source RPM you are not affected.

I have received several reports that this package was giving bounce
messages in Spanish and English, and my packages shouldn't do this.

As you may know I don't build all the binary RPM packages on my site, due 
to lack of machines setup to run on these different distributions.

The above package was built for me by a Spanish speaker who had patched
postfix to give bounce messages in Spanish.  He didn't realise that the
package that he had built still had these messages compiled in.

He has now provided me with a new version of the file (with the same name)
and I have replaced the previous one.

The new file can be recognised by it's timestamp:

-rw-r--r--  1 sjmudd  sjmudd  1610599 14 ene 19:28 postfix-20011127snapshot-2.rh70.1.i386.rpm

and by the rpm -qi[p] command which gives the following information:

Build Date: Mon Jan 14 19:28:17 2002
Build Host: cebra.com.uy

If you have this package installed and are concerned about the Spanish 
messages then try upgrading to the new copy of this file.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Simon J Mudd,   Tel: +34-91-408 4878,  Mobile: +34-605-085 219
Madrid, Spain.  email: sjmudd at pobox.com,  Postfix RPM Packager

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