[Postfix RPMs] postfix-1.1.11-1

Simon J Mudd sjmudd at pobox.com
Sun Jun 9 20:32:03 CEST 2002

This message is to announce that I will shortly be making 
availabe the latest release of Postfix in RPM package format.

Changes since previous version:

- update to postfix-1.1.11
- support for building with db3 on rh6.x - patch provided by
   Frederic Hermann <Frederic.Hermann at ferma.fr>
- remove FQDN hostname checks - request by Wietse (had been added
  due to problems with package installation on non-FQDN hosts)

Note: I'm currently working on (and having a bit of trouble with) getting 
this package to work with the new alternatives system provided on RedHat 
7.3.  While supporting this on 7.3 is not a problem, provding support at 
the same time on older distributions is causing me more headaches than I 
had anticipated.

Relevent URLs and build information:

Built under: RedHat 7.2-1

Original Source Directory & file(s):

Postfix Source and binary packages:

via anonymous ftp at
	ftp://ftp.WL0.org/		Madrid, Spain
	ftp://ftp.everdigital.org/	Houston, Texas, USA
	ftp://ftp.shuttleamerica.com	Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA

via rsync at

Web Interface to CVS Repository of packaging files:

As usual please report any problems to me.


Simon J Mudd
Simon J Mudd,   Tel: +34-91-408 4878,  Mobile: +34-605-085 219
Madrid, Spain.  email: sjmudd at pobox.com,  Postfix RPM Packager

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