[Postfix RPMs] postfix-2.0.16-6 RPMs available

Simon J Mudd sjmudd at pobox.com
Fri Nov 14 21:21:40 CET 2003

My latest Postfix 2.0.16 RPMs are now available for Red Hat 6.x, 7.2,
7.3, 8.0 and 9.

The Source RPM should also build on Red Hat 5.x and Enterprise Server,
Mandrake, Yellowdog and perhaps other RPM distributions.  When building
from the source package several different options can also be included.

Changes since previous version:

- BugFix: TLS build did not work
- Added preliminary support for RedHat Enterprise 3 (all varieties treated
  the same [WS|ES|AS])
- updated smtpd multiline banner patch
  - problem reported by Leandro Santi <lesanti at uolsinectis.com.ar>


If anyone is using Fedora Core 1, or RedHat Enterprise 3 I'd appreciate
them confirming if the source rpm correctly builds a binary RPM on these
distributions.  If you make the location of the binaries available to me
I'll put them on my site.

Relevent URLs and build information:

Built under:
  RedHat 9-3, 8.0-8, 7.3, 7.2-1, 6.2-1


Original Source Directory & file(s):

Postfix Source and binary packages (server located in Japan, Tokyo):


Information about my apt repository (apt-get makes upgrading easy):

Mirror of Web Site:
  http://postfix-mudd.nobandwidth.net		USA, Milford, New Hampshire
  http://wl0.cs.uu.nl				Netherlands, Utrecht
  http://postfix.es.WL0.org			Spain, Madrid
  http://ftp.uma.es/Linux/postfix-rpms/www	Spain, Malaga

Mirror of FTP Site:
  http://postfix.etes.de/ftp.wl0.org		Germany, Stuttgart
  ftp://nl.WL0.org				Netherlands, Amsterdam (not 24x7)
  ftp://ftp.cs.uu.nl/mirror/ftp.wl0.org		Netherlands, Utrecht
  http://ftp.iestradas.pt/postfix/ftp.wl0.org	Portugal
  ftp://ftp.sanguine.net/pub/postfix/		Japan, Tokyo
  ftp://es.WL0.org				Spain, Madrid
  http://ftp.uma.es/Linux/postfix-rpms/ftp	Spain, Malaga
  ftp://ftp.everdigitial.org/mirrors/postfix/	USA, Houston, TX
  ftp://ftp.nobandwidth.net/pub/postfix-mudd/	USA, Milford, New Hampshire

Web Interface to CVS Repository of packaging files:

Full list of latest packages:

Distribution	Architecture	Latest Version
------------	------------	--------------
Source rpm	n/a		postfix-2.0.16-6
Red Hat ES 3	i386		n/a
Red Hat ES 2.1	i386		postfix-2.0.14-1
Red Hat AS 2.1  i386		postfix-2.0.13-3.1
Red Hat 9       i386		postfix-2.0.16-6
Red Hat 8	i386		postfix-2.0.16-6
Red Hat 7.3	i386		postfix-2.0.16-6
Red Hat 7.2	i386		postfix-2.0.16-6
Red Hat 7.0/7.1	i386		postfix-1.1.7-1
Red Hat 7.0/7.1	alpha		postfix-1.1.10-2
Red Hat 6x	i386		postfix-2.0.16-6
Red Hat 6x	alpha		postfix-2.0.8-1
Red Hat 6x	s390		postfix-19991231_pl04-3
Red Hat 6x	sparc		postfix-2.0.10-1
Red Hat 5x	i386		postfix-
Fedora Core 1	i386		n/a
Yellow Dog 2.3	ppc		postfix-2.0.10-1

As usual please report any problems to me.


Simon J Mudd
Simon J Mudd, Postfix RPM Packager, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
email: sjmudd at pobox.com, Tel: +31-627-592 627, http://postfix.WL0.org
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